• Springfield Tiger Wrestling Program Philosophy & Pillars


    We, the Springfield Tiger wrestling coaching staff, believe in a balanced approach to teaching and coaching wrestling. First and foremost we want our wrestlers to have fun and enjoy the sport. Kids should want to come to practice because it is a positive, high energy, active, and fun environment! We infuse gymnastics and tumbling exercises to increase the wrestler's coordination and agility, wrestling specific drills to focus on continued improvement in all positions, drilling moves to build mastery and an increased ability to execute those moves in live match situations, explicit instruction of wrestling moves and technique to insure our wrestlers are exposed to a wide variety of techniques, live wrestling to allow wrestlers the opportunity to practice their techniques in a live match situation and increase conditioning, cross training conditioning to further increase the wrestler's stamina, and team games and activities to help build teamwork and keep the sport fun. Through this balanced approach, we believe we help develop well-rounded wrestlers and athletes who are able to compete at the highest levels in the state.


    • Hard Work - Show up. Give your best effort. Everyday!

    • Perseverance - Working through challenging and difficult times. Never give up! 

    • Responsibility - To one's self, team, coaches, & community. 

    • Sacrifice - You have to sacrifice in order to be successful in wrestling & in life!