paw 2   Welcome

    Name: Mrs. Hauger
    Email Address: denise.hauger@springfield.mntm.org
    Phone number:  507-723-4286

     I Love to Read Dress Up Days - Feb. 18-22
    Monday - Howgwarts Slumber Party
            Wear your pajamas or comfy clothes
    Tuesday - Qudditch Day
            Wear your favorite sports apparel
    Wednesday - Weasley Twins Day
            find your twin or group and dress alike
    Thursday - Harry Potter Day
            Wear your hous colors OR dress as                your favorite Harry Potter Character
    Friday - Hogwarts Spirit Day
            Wear your READ shirt
    Learning Targets 2/18
    Reading: Author's Purpose/Fact and                          Opinion
    *14 Accelerated Reader Points must be completed by the end of the quarter.  
     Language:  Subject and Object Pronouns
    Social:  Immigrants/Communities Growth
     Things to Remember:
     Accelerated Reader - 14 pts. Due March 8th 
                                    End of Quarter
    Spelling - Test Tuesday, Frbruary 19