• Welcome to Mrs. Smith's 5th Grade Classroom!


    Contact Information

    Phone: 507-723-4286

    Email: kari.smith@springfield.mntm.org



     **Snow Day information can be found on Schoology. For those who are having trouble accessing Schoology,  please contact me. I have also included the most recent snow day video within the links**


    Learning Target                              Math Learning Targets for April:   

    - Review


    Science Learning Targets for April:

    - Earth and Space



    Upcoming Events:





                    Class Schedule

    8:00-8:10            Attendance/Pledge

    8:13-8:38            Music (T/TH) Global Studies (M/W/F)

    8:38-9:03            PE

    9:05-10:45           Math and Science (Smith’s Room)

              9:05-10:15          Math

              10:15-10:45        Science

    10:45-11:15        Recess

    11:21-11:41        Lunch

    11:50-12:15        RIP (TH lab)

    12:20-2:00          Reading/Language/Spelling/Social (Hoyt’s Room)

              12:20-1:30           Reading/Language/Spelling

              1:30-2:00            Social

    2:05-2:20            Milk Break

    2:20-2:55            Writing

    2:55-3:05            Planner & Dismissal

    *Library 2:30-3:00 (T)

    *Typing 2:06-2:31 (W)

    *Media 2:14-2:39 (TH)