• Third Grade Distance Learning Homepage

    Distance learning

    Teacher Email Adresses:

    Mrs. Altermatt: jennifer.altermatt@springfield.mntm.org

    Mr. Neperman: shane.neperman@springfield.mntm.org 

    Elementary Office Phone Number: 507-723-4286

    Technology Department: helpdesk85@springfield.mntm.org


    Daily Announcements

    Monday May 18th:

    1. Please fill out the Student Reflection found: HERE for Mrs. Altermatt. Both classes need to fill this out. Thank you :)

    2. Monday May 18th: Track and Field Day. Complete survey for attendance.

    3. Monday May 18th: iPad turn in by 3:40.

    - Please turn in iPad (along with charging block and cord) to homeroom teachers classroom.

    - Fill our form from Mr.Kuehn’s email.

    - please return any library books or classroom library books.





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