Art is offered to all students on a rotating basis. The classroom teachers

    will be teaching art throughout the year.



              The students in grades K-6 will have keyboarding.



              Ms. Jenna Tews provides speech clinician services for the District.



    Hearing Impaired

              Mrs. Deb Wallert is on staff to teach the program for hearing impaired students.


    Early Childhood Special Education

              Mrs. Jennifer Zollner provides services for those children qualifying for Early Childhood Special Education services.


    Learning Disabilities

              Mrs. Katie Wilhelmi and Mrs. Lisa Arnoldi are on staff to serve children who have learning disabilities. They are both part of the Child Study Team for District 85.


    Title I

              Title I math, reading, and language services are available to those students requiring assistance to meet grade level. A summer school program for Title I students is provided for those students who need extra help.


    School Nursing Services

              Among other duties, the school nurse checks immunization records, conducts hearing and vision screenings, and consults for health curriculum. A certified nurse will be available for nursing duties on regularly scheduled days.


    Additional Educational Services

              The services of school psychologist, Mr. Tyler Brown, family facilitator, Mrs. Kami Castleman and school counselor, Mrs. Gigi DeBerg are available.
Last Modified on July 28, 2015