Teacher E-mails:

    Brianna Jensen-  brianna.jensen@springfield.mntm.org

    Jena Veenstra- jena.veenstra@springfield.mntm.org


    Kindergarten Classes


    *Please remember to check our Class Dojo pages for updates throughout the distance learning time period. 


    *For Assignments, please see the left-hand column.  



    * Remember to check assignments for Specialist in the Specialist Tab under the Distance learning page:

    *Gym:  Mr. Andrew Hirsch 

    Email: andrew.hirsch@springfield.mntm.org

    *Music: Mr. Jacob Kempenich

    E-mail: jacob.kempenich@springfield.mntm.org

    *Global and Media: Mrs. Darcy Hoyt

    E-mail: darcy.hoyt@springfield.mntm.org