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    Mrs. Erickson

    Name: Andrea Erickson
    Email Address: andrea.erickson@springfield.mntm.org
    Phone number: 507-723-4286

    Welcome to Mrs. Erickson's webpage.  For more information log in
    to Schoology by using the following link. http://www.schoology.com
    *Week 21 Learning Targets*
    e, ea, ee words
    Place value
    Monday**Snow Day!!
    Do activities in your snow day folder!
         *Spelling words are due
         *Global Exploration with Mrs. Hoyt
         *Long e word list will go home to practice
         *Music with Mrs. Prechel
         *Spelling test on list 17
         *Computer lab
         *Global Expl. with Mrs. Hoyt
         *Story sheet will go home
         *Library book check out
         *Media with Mrs. Hoyt
         *Music with Mrs. Prechel
         *Ms. Schmidt will be here
         *Spelling retest
         *Global Expl. with Mrs. Hoyt
         *Computer lab