• At Home Workout

    This is a workout that you can do at your house with no equipment necessary! The exercises and drills in this workout aim to improve what I refer to as the ABC’S of athletics - Agility, Balance, Coordination, & Strength, all while getting you in better shape. It’s extremely important to stay active and in good shape to have a healthy body and mind! Make sure to do the workout two times through. Enjoy and good luck!

    Click the link to begin —-> https://youtu.be/z0rwzylDdGY

    At Home Workout: Do 2 Times


    2 foot hops

    Forward somersault


    Backward somersault

    Bear crawl


    Backward bear crawl

    Crab walk – forward



    1 foot hops (Left then Right)


    Squats X15

    Push-ups X10

    Planks X30 seconds 

    Wall Jumps X20