• You can look up official rules on the internet or use the rules that come with the game. These are the backyard game rules we use. We will show and talk about rules on our video. We typed the rules here for a reminder.

    We hope you enjoy our backyard games.


    How to play Bocce Ball video:  Bocce Ball video

    Bocce Ball basic backyard rules:

    1. All throws underhand

    2. One person throws the pallina or jack (the small ball) 

    3. Players take turns throwing (underhand), trying to get closest to pallina

    4. The closest ball after each turn scores 2 points, next closest scores 1 point

    5. The person with 2 points gets to throw pallina and throws own ball first

    6. We play to 15 or 21, determined before game starts


    How to play Croquet video:   Croquet video


    Croquet basic backyard rules:

    1. Use mallet to hit ball

    2. One hit each turn, except when you go through a hoop, then an extra hit for each hoop you travel through

    3. No hitting other balls before you go through the first hoop, if you do you start over on your next turn

    4. If you hit a ball after the first hoop, you get two additional hits

       A. You may send the other player with one hit and get one more hit for yourself

       B. You may just take two additional hits and leave the other ball there

    5. Complete course and then become poison to knock out other players

    6. To become poison, you must hit to middle hoop and go through from back side

       A. You get two hits the first try to be poison, if you don't make it, you wait till next turn 

       B. When poison, you try to hit the other balls to knock them out

       C. One hit each turn, unless you hit a ball, then that player is out and you get one additional hit

       D. While poison you can never go through a hoop, if you do you are out

       E. If more than one person/ball is poison, whoever hits the other poison ball will knock out that player 

    7. Last player wins