Mrs. Madsen's Teaching Philosophy

    §  I believe that all children come into life equipped with a natural sense of curiosity and wonderment for the world around them. This innate ability is at the heart of scientific endeavors

    §  I believe that all students are capable of learning science and it is my professional duty as a teacher to encourage this learning

    §  I believe all students should be provided a safe and stimulating learning environment

    §  As a teacher, I believe in modeling the attitudes and behaviors of my students

    §  I understand and appreciate that every learner comes to school with a diverse background that is unique to him/herself. My teaching practice reflect this by using differentiated teaching styles in my everyday lessons

    §  I believe that school is a reflection of the community and its future, and I will encourage not only the learning of science but also the basic tools they need to live productive lives

    §  I value the importance of continued education to enhance my teaching practices through workshops, journal readings, and formal coursework

    §  I also highly value the development of support networks by teachers with other teachers, educational professions, and the community at large

    §  Technology is the future and I think its important to use technology as a learning tool within the classroom to further enhance my lessons

    §  I believe having good classroom management is the key to a good education.

    §  Teaching science should always be applicable

    §  I understand science is not easy but it is my job as a teacher to challenge each student in an appropriate way to meet his/her goals