Pick-Up from School:  If at any time your child will be 1) walking with someone new, 2) picked up from school by a different person or 3) riding a different bus, you must send a note or call the school to let me know the changes.  If your child is being picked up after school, please make sure he/she is picked up at the kindergarten room.  This is to assure your child’s safety.

    Money:  On occasion it will be necessary for your child to bring money to school.  Always send any money in a sealed envelope with the following information written on it:

    1. Your child’s first and last name.

    2. The purpose for the money such lunch money, book order, etc.

    Folders:  Completed papers will be sent home daily.  Please make a habit of checking your child’s backpack daily.   Please remove any important papers or notes from your child's folder and place it back inside his/her backpack to return to school.

    Book Orders:  Book orders will be sent home throughout the school year, usually at the beginning of a new month.  If you wish to order books, please send back the completed order form with cash or check in an envelope labeled with your child’s name.  Book orders must be returned by the date on the order form to be included in the class order.  Make checks payable to Scholastic.  If you wish, you may also order books online and pay by credit or debit card by using the code: L8JKB.

    Classroom Parties:  We will have parties for Halloween, Christmas, 100th Day of School, and Valentine’s Day.  Information on the parties will be sent home as the party date approaches.

    Birthdays:  Your child  is welcome to bring treats to share with classmates on his/her birthday if he/she so chooses.  Treats sent to school for parties and birthdays must be purchased.  If your child has a summer birthday, it will be celebrated on his/her half-birthday.  We will celebrate birthdays as follows:  September; October; November; December and June; January and July; February and August; March; April; May. Please bring enough treats for 17 students...and 1 teacher :)

    Super Diver:  Each week one of the students will be featured on an “Super Diver” bulletin board.  A reminder will be sent home the week before your child's special "Super Diver" week.  Please refer to the "All About Me" tab on my webpage for more information.

    Show and Tell:  Notes will be sent to inform you of any sharing activities.  Throughout the school year students will be asked to bring something to share about a special unit or academic skill being taught.  (Example: Students will wear or bring something red on RED DAY.)  Occasionally your child might have a special photo, vacation souvenir, nature discovery etc. to share and this is fine.  Please check backpacks daily for a sharing note.

    Keep Take-Home Books:  We make lots of books throughout the school year that your child will be bringing home.  Please do not throw these books away.  Please keep each of these books and reread them often.  Each little book contains sight words that your child will need to know in the future.

    Newsletters: Newsletters will be sent home monthly or as needed to inform you of what we are doing and planning, and of anything your child might need for a special project. 

    Milk Break/Snack:  Milk for Kindergarten students will be free thanks to the MN Kindergarten Milk Program.  A school snack program is offered and may be purchased in the elementary office.  If money is of concern, please contact the elementary office as assistance is available.

    Contact Information: Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns throughout the school year.  Convenient times to contact me are before or after school.  You may also contact me via email and I will try to get back to you during a break time if possible.
        School phone # 507.723.4286 
        Email: jena.veenstra@springfield.mntm.org