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    Contact Information:  
    Phone: (507) 723-4289 (ext. 118)   
    Email: shane.neperman@springfield.mntm.org 
    Prep Times: 10:30-10:55, 12:00-12:25
    Upcoming Dates & Reminders
     All Digital Day materials for Friday, January 17th are posted at bottom of my webpage. Remember there is NO SCHOOL MONDAY, JANUARY 20th (this is a scheduled day off so students will not have to do any work at home for Monday). Have a great long weekend and DON'T FORGET TO CHEER FOR THE PACKERS ON SUNDAY!!!
    Digital Learning Day Materials are at the bottom of the page.
    Weekly Learning Targets 
    Reading Skill- Compare & Contrast Nonfiction Articles
    Reading Story- "The Jones Family Express"
    Language- Sentence Writing
    Social Studies- Branches of Government

     Digital Day Materials

    Reading:  1. Do your reading log (even if it's Friday). Read for 20 minutes then write 2 sentences about what you read. If you do not have a log sheet use notebook paper.

                    2. Watch the video about Suffixes. (click here to watch the video). Then do the Language Arts IXL skills that are posted below Get them over 80 or work for 20 minutes.

                          3rd Grade IXLs: W.1, W.4, W.6, W.5 (get to 80 or work for 20 min)

    Math: See class Dojo or Mrs. Altermatt's Website

    Spelling: Write your spelling words 5 times or do 15 minutes of spelling city (use link on my website).

    Science: See Class Dojo or Mrs. Altermatt's Website.

    Social Studies: Log into News ELA and read the article and take the quiz.

                             Click here to log into News ELA. 


                             Username: firstnamelastname85 (no spaces or capitals)

                                                  example: shaneneperman85

                             Password: tigers

     Global Explorations: Go to Mrs. Hoyt's website and click on "Dgital Day" tab.

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