• Fundraisers

    You can help raise funds for Springfield Elementary School by saving the following items.  The funds are used for the computer lab, field trips, playground equipment, and special programs.  Please ask friends and relatives to help save for Springfield Elementary School.  You can send these to school with you child.  Thank you for your help!


    Campbell's Labels for Education--Campbell's labels have been saved for years.  Starting the fall of 2006 Campbell's changed what part of the label to save.    We can NO longer use the front label.  We NOW need the UPC code with the attached "Labels for Education" label.  Please look for these UPC's on all Campbell and Swanson soups, Franco American, V8, Prego and Pepperidge Farm Products.
    For more information visit
    Campbell's Labels for Education.



    Box Tops for Education--Box Tops are now on many new products.Here is a small list of products that you will find them on (General Mills cereal, Betty Crocker, Pillsbury, Yoplait, Hamburger Helper, Old El Paso,Chex Mix, Nature Valley, Kleenex,Ziploc, Country Hearth, Cottenelle, Scott, Viva, and many fruit snacks) Please check your products carefully for this label. 
    For more information visit
    Box Tops for Education.


    Cash-Wise Food Club--Cash-Wise has a "Labels for Learning"program.  Save the UPC codes,starting with 36800 on Food Club products including; Top Care, Top Crest, Full Circle, and Paws. Also save the tickets on your video rental receipt for General Titles at Cash-Wise Video.

    The Kemps Milk "Nickels for Schools"  has ended.  We no longer accept these caps.

Last Modified on October 30, 2012