• English

    Life Skills English


    Teacher:  Mr. Hovland


    Class Description:

                This class is designed to develop reading and writing skills.  Students will develop comprehension and decoding skills by reading short stories, newspaper articles, novels and plays that pertain to current events and topics of interest to teens.  The class will also use the Reading Detective series in which the students learn various reading skills and also how to find “proof” of the answers to comprehension questions.  Independent novel reading and quizzes also play a large role in comprehension development for this class.  There will be individualized and group lessons to strengthen oral reading, spelling, grammar, sentence writing, and editing skills.  Depending on the level of each student there will be opportunities to practice their writing skills through paragraphs of opinion, five paragraph essays, research papers, story writing, and poetry/lyrics.


    Class Outcomes:

                The students will develop skills needed for lifelong learning including: higher order thinking abilities, communication, main idea, supporting details, prediction, character traits, story elements, cause and effect, vocabulary, spelling, sentence structure, grammar, editing, oral reading, speaking and listening.


    Materials Needed:


                -assignment notebook/student planner



                -independent novel (to be selected with teacher assistance after reviewing

                                                  reading skills and student interests)

                -a positive attitude and willingness to put forth best effort


    Grading Procedures:

                Grading will be based on participation in class, daily work, tests and quizzes.  Grades are determined by percentages set forth by district guidelines (see handbook):


    Classroom Rules/Expectations:

    1.      Have all materials and supplies ready when class begins

    2.      Work productively throughout the class period

    3.      Complete assigned work within the expected timeframe

    4.      Ask for help or clarification if needed

    5.      Follow the 4 R’s (Respect, Readiness, Responsibility and Relationships)

    6.      Follow all school rules and policies (see student handbook for specifics)


    Life Skills English

    Learning is a partnership between students, parents and teachers.  Please read and discuss this syllabus, sign it and return the bottom portion to Mr. Hovland.  Keep the top section.



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Last Modified on October 31, 2019