• SCHOOL POLICY- Elementary Parent Student Handbook

    Below are portions from the Elementary Parent & Student Handbook, see the actual document for the full policy.


    The Springfield Elementary School requires all students to attend school unless ill or a family emergency occurs. Students who have been absent must either bring a note of explanation signed by the parent or guardian and the parent or guardian must telephone or email the elementary office indicating why the student is absent. (507)723-4286 or Krystal Plaster .In the interest of student safety, the school will call families of students that are not accounted for. In the event that the school does not receive a response from parents or guardians, the absence will be considered unexcused.

    The student is responsible for making up all class work and assignments missed during absences. Prearranged absences are those which you know will occur on certain dates. Parents must contact both the elementary office and the teacher when they know their child will be absent. Arrangements will be made in advance for the student to make up school work that will be missed.

    Justifiable Reason For Absences

    • Illness of Student: Students are not expected to be in school if they are ill. Attending school when one has symptoms of a contagious disease is not only dangerous to the student but it may result in a longer period of illness. Such attendance is also unfair to other students and staff. If the child becomes sick at school, we will contact you or a person you have designated as responsible and ask you to pick your child up.
    • Serious Illness or Emergency in the Immediate Family: When those cases arise it is understandable that the student may have to be absent. If possible, please advise the school of the situation.
    • Impassable Roads or Extreme Weather Conditions: In most instances, school will not be in session during these conditions, however there are times when the weather may be more severe in one area than another. At that time, parents/guardians must use their own judgment as to whether or not to send their child(ren) on the bus.
    • Medical or Dental Appointments: It is recognized that not all appointments can be made on Saturday or after school. Dental and medical appointments in surrounding towns should justify missing only a small portion of the day. Please send a note with the child and call or email the office before they will be absent. Please note that haircuts, salon visits, manicures/pedicures, or other cosmetic procedures do not qualify as excused medical/dental appointments.
    • Family Trips: Extended trips with parents/guardians may be educational in nature and may be deemed an appropriate experience for the students. When those occasions arise, please discuss this matter with the teacher well in advance. Shopping trips and other less significant excursions do not apply to this category.
    •  Make-up Work: If a student is absent from school, it is extremely important for them to get their assignments and have their work completed when they return to school. One day is allowed per day of absence to complete make-up work.
    • Absence and Attending Extra-Curricular Events: It is expected that students who are ill not attend evening activities at either the high school or elementary school. If they were too ill to be in school, they should be home resting so they can attend school the following day.

     *Late students arriving before 9:30 AM are considered tardy. Students leaving before 1:30 PM are considered absent for the afternoon.

    Educational Neglect

    State law requires attendance at school for pupils between the ages of 7-16. Springfield Public School complies with Minnesota Compulsory Attendance Laws. Springfield Elementary School acts in accordance with policies set forth by Brown, Redwood, and Cottonwood Counties.

    Students with 2 unexcused absences will be considered 'at risk' for truancy and a phone call will be made by a member of the student support team, noting the significance of regular attendance and positive communication between the home and school.

    At 4 unexcused absences, a letter, current attendance record, and brochure (Brown County Educational Neglect and Truancy) will be sent home stating the status of the child as being a continued risk for truancy. The mailing will cite state law and will provide the family with a complete list of responsibilities and consequences tied to the student's truancy status.

    Additionally, students with 6 unexcused absences will receive a final warning letter noting their child's risk as being identified as "habitually truant".

    In the event that a child reaches 7 unexcused absences, his/her record will be shared with the appropriate county officials and parents could be charged with educational neglect.

    Please note that the school will also communicate excessive absenteeism with families. This is any student with 7 or more total absences (excused or unexcused). Students with excessive absences and tardies may be required to provide the school with a medical certificate from a doctor stating that they are too ill to attend school. Regular attendance is necessary for positive academic achievement and social/emotional growth. It is a parent's/guardian's responsibility to ensure that a positive attendance record is preserved. 

    Arrival At School

    All students in kindergarten through sixth grade should report to the high school gym before school. The school day for elementary students begins at 8:10 a.m. No student should arrive before 7:45 a.m. School grounds are not supervised prior to that time. We realize that sometimes both parents go to work early. If this is the case, please make arrangements for your child(ren) to go to a neighbor’s or friend’s house and come to school later. Please do not drop them off at the school unattended and unsupervised. During inclement weather we will have the school open and the students who enter the building will be asked to go to a designated area that will be supervised.

    If your child needs to come into the building early for a particular health reason, please contact the elementary office so special arrangements can be made. We are asking your cooperation in helping us attend to these matters. Also, please see that your child(ren) are dressed for the conditions of the weather outside. Those students without proper attire for the given weather conditions will be directed to the office and parents will be contacted. We anticipate that the USDA will once again be providing a free breakfast program to all students. This meal option will be delivered to classrooms prior to 8:00 a.m. and students will be given time upon entry to consume it prior to the start of class. A free breakfast program is available to all students. this meal option will be available to students in teh cafeteria from 7:45 - 8:05 a.m. Students may opt to save these food items for a snack later in the day.


    In the event of inclement weather, widespread illness, or other unique circumstances, we will utilize our technology to create and communicate learning objectives to students and families.  Depending on the circumstances, staff may utilize this same technology to provide feedback, make corrections, and/or deliver supplementary interventions.  Student attendance on these days will be based upon work completion and participation in prearranged virtual meetings.

    Parent Permission Slips


    Please write a note and send it to the classroom teacher for the following situations:  

    • Your child is going to someone else’s home after school.
    • Your child is riding a different bus.
    • Your child will leave school early.
    • Your child is staying with someone different or is having someone different staying at home with them.
    • Your child has suffered an illness or injury that requires special attention or accommodation by the school.  Copies of such notes/medical reports should be shared with the classroom teacher, school nurse, and elementary principal.


    In case of an emergency it is important to know where you can be reached.  Once students arrive at school, they cannot leave school grounds without permission.  All students who are arriving and leaving during the school day must sign in and out of the office.


    Without prior written consent or phone call from parents, students will be required to follow their normal routines and travel habits.  In order to ensure that the office staff have adequate time to communicate changes in after-school plans, contact with our office should be made prior to 2:30 p.m.  After that time, the office is quite busy and it becomes difficult to coordinate with students and staff efficiently.




    The school district contracts with independent owners for transporting students to and from school. The transportation company’s responsibility does not include picking up or delivering students to locations other than their place of residence. If a student has a need to be transported elsewhere, the parent/guardian must contact the bus contractor and bear the cost, if any, for the alternative transportation. Superior Transportation can be reached at 507-723-5018. Superior Transportation



    School Nurse

    A school nurse,  (Maggie Meyer <maggie.meyer@springfield.mntm.org>),  will be in school Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., throughout the school year. She will provide health services.


    Students that demonstrate symptoms of illness (excessive fatigue, lethargy, or ontact coughting/sneezing) and are unable to participate in usual classroom activity, should be kept home. Children with some illnesses such as impetigo, strep throat, an undiagnosed rash, or other contagious illness being treated with antibiotics, must be treated for 24 hours before returning to school. A child will be sent home from school if he/she has a temperature of 100 degrees or higher. A child should be fever-free for 24 hours before returning to school (this is without the use of over-the-counter meds, such as Tylenol or Motrin). A child should also be kept home from school if any vomiting or diarrhea has occurred within the last 24 hours. 


    Head lice are another health issue that the home and school should monitor closely.  Lice can affect anyone regardless of age, gender, race, or hygiene and it must be dealt with in a timely manner.  Children believed to have lice will be referred to the school nurse for inspection and communication with families.  Once treatment has begun, the child should return to school and resume all of his/her normal activities.


    If a child has a possible infectious disease, disease prevention and control guidelines, consistent with the national standards put forth by the American Public Health Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics, will be followed.  In some cases, a physician’s note may be required for re-entry into school.  Visits to the physician are at the parent’s expense.