6th Grade Activity Card


    Writing, Spelling, Language



    Social Studies


    Read 20 minutes from your A.R. Book and write a summary



    Draw a picture and write 5 complete sentences about what you did today.


    Work on IXL packet for 15 minutes.


    Brain Pop: Choose a topic and complete the quiz.




    Listen to reading for 20 minutes and write a summary of for the story



    Write a story about: A Crazy Snow Day (Fictional Story)


    Complete Math Quiz on Schoology


    Find an experiment you would like to complete in class (print or write)



    Draw a picture and summarize, in a paragraph, what you have read today.



    Write a letter to someone you haven’t see for a long time. (Need 10 sentences)


    Work on Prodigy for 20 minutes.


    Find a Minnesota Park or Landmark to visit in MN: Draw/Print a picture and describe(details) in a paragraph


    Study Island work on concepts previously completed in school. (20 min)


    Choose 10 spelling words and write them in a sentence. Make sure that your sentences show understanding of the spelling word.


     Complete clue buster worksheet.


    Draw and Color one Minnesota State symbol (ex. State bird, flag, and flower) and explain what it is.



    Bake/Make something while reading the recipe or directions.



    Write a sequence of events paragraph of what you baked/made today.


     Work on Study Island for 15 minutes.


     Complete Map Skills Worksheet.