Distance Learning

Dear Springfield Families,

Learning Model Change

I regret to inform you that Springfield School District will be transitioning to distance learning, starting November 30th, for two weeks (Nov 30-Dec 11).   We will continue the rest of this week with in-person learning.

No School Monday, November 23 and Tuesday, November 24

Next Monday, November 23, and Tuesday, November 24, will not be instructional days for our students.  These will be used as transitional planning days for staff.  I wanted to give families as much fore notice to help with communications with students.  School staff will be involved with planning and school age care will not be provided on these two days.  At this time, we are planning on providing meals on these two days.  A meal schedule and drop off points will be communicated. 

School Operations are Impacted

This week we have been impacted by more cases. These are contributed to family to student spread, family to staff spread, or student place of employment spread.  All of these have placed stress on the daily operation of our school.  Staffing is one of our greatest challenges as we face staff shortages due to illness, close contacts, and daycare closings.

Plan is to Hit the Reset Button-Analyze Spread Issues After Thanksgiving

The plan is to hit the reset button and use the Thanksgiving break to our advantage.  We will use the two weeks after Thanksgiving to monitor the effects before we make a determination for the rest of December. We are in effect taking a step backward so we can move forward.  Public Health is predicting a spike after Thanksgiving that will be as substantial if not more than what we realized after Halloween.

Bussing Information

Regular bussing will not be provided  during the distance learning time period. We will articulate plans for SPED students with the greatest needs to come to school to receive their services.

School Related After School Activities

As per Minnesota Department of Education guidelines, after school activities at this time will continue.  This may change.

More information will come from your school.  Please expect principals and teaching staff to articulate school schedules.

The governor may announce soon changes that will deviate from this plan.  We will keep you informed. 

Our families and school staff have put a great deal of energy towards following measures that have allowed us to maintain in-person learning since the beginning of the school year.  The decision to move to this learning plan is a heavy one as it negatively impacts families and student learning. However, seems to bet quite necessary to try and get school back to square one as soon as possible.

Your ongoing support is appreciated. Hopefully, these changes will be short-lived and we will be back to In-Person Learning soon.


Keith Kottke
Springfield School District
“In-person Learning Matters”