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    Yearbooks for the current school year can be ordered at ww.jostensyearbooks.com.   
    If you did not get a yearbook,
    there are several extra copies available. The cost is $65.00. 
    Checks can be made payable to SHS
    Mrs. Brown's 2017-2018 Schedule
    Hour 1: English 8
    Hour 2: English 12
    Hour 3: College English
    Hour 4: English 12
    Hour 5: Lunch/JH Lunch duty
    Hour 6: English 8
    Hour 7: Prep

    **Please note that all class materials can be found via Schoology. 
    This page serves only as a reference to my classes/contact information
    and for yearbook ordering purposes.
    Extra-curricular Activities: Always looking for more participation!
    Contact information: mandy.brown@springfield.mntm.org
    "Words-so innocent and powerless as they are, standing in a dictionary, 
    how potent for good and evil  they become in the hands of one 
    who knows how to combine them."
    -Nathaniel Hawthorne

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