• Ms. Maurer

    Welcome to Ms. Maurer's Second Grade
    Learning Targets:
         Reading:  Animal books
         Spelling:  ew, oo, ui, oe
         Writing:  Complete sentences
                        Using adjectives to describe
      Library Day -
          Mr. Amsden's class:  Wednesday
          Ms. Maurer's class:  Friday
    Note:  You can find a copy of the Snow Day card on my Schoology page
     Today's Snow Day:
    This is for Reading, Spelling, and Language only.  Please check out math, social/science, and specialists also.
    Reading:  Read for 40 minutes.  You may split it and read for 15 minutes twice,  Then write 2 sentences about what you read.  Add details!  Use neat handwriting, complete sentences, and proper punctuation -- QUALITY WORK!
    Spelling:  Your new list came home in your Take Home folder last Friday.  Please write your words neatly in alphabetical order.  If you have extra Star words this week, please write each word 5 times.
    Language:  Write at least 5 sentences about your day today.  Again -- quality work:  neat handwriting, complete sentences, proper punctuation, and lots of details!
    You may also choose to listen to a book about an animal on MyON.
    See you tomorrow!
    Ms. Maurer
    X-tra Math:
     Spelling City:










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