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Springfield High School-- Distance Learning Plan

  • Purpose, policies and expectations:   

    To provide meaningful standards-based instruction to students during the COVID-19 pandemic.

     This model of education is based upon the guidelines provided by the governor and the Minnesota Department of Education. We view this circumstance as an opportunity to deliver a quality education in an innovative way. Participation in these activities is a necessary and mandatory part of each child’s learning. 

    Attendance will be determined by submission of work and students will need to meet the due dates and deadlines set forth by their teachers. In the event that students do not meet these expectations, students will be not given credit for attendance on those days of instruction. 

    Graduation and promotion to the next grade levels will be determined based upon the evidence of learning provided by each student. Communication with the offices and administrative staff will be expected for any unique circumstances that may arise. 

     In order to fulfill the guidelines set by the Minnesota Department of Education, “daily interaction” with teachers must occur.  Teachers must engage in feedback and correspondence with classes on days (Maroon Days) when new instruction is not provided. 

    Breakfast and Lunch:

    Meals for students will continue to be provided (even during the “Stay at Home” time frame). In fact, the school will send out a follow-up survey to see if we can logically extend delivery arrangements to have meals delivered to a specific address.  If for some reason you are unable to pick the meals up at one of the delivery sites, please contact Superior Transportation at 507-723-4283 or by email at chris@superiortm.com.   At home delivery will be done only if absolutely necessary, versus a convenience.  You will need to provide address you want meals delivered to; number or meals; and an understanding of your unique needs.

    Delivery of instruction:

    Through the use of a flipped video method (Explain Everything, Schoology, and/or YouTube) teachers will prepare an instructional video for each subject area (both core classes and elective teachers.) Each video should be specific to the current essentials being emphasized within that course.  Instructional videos should highlight tasks or activities that the students will be completing on this day. Instructional videos should include actual teaching/modeling of a learning target or standard and should highlight tasks or skills that should be practiced on supplemental resources (paper or online).  For classes that are in a review mode for spring testing, a general spiral of skills through these platforms is also acceptable.  


    Anticipating a March 30th 2020 start date, please note the following grade level expectations.

    Grades 7-12

    In order to provide an appropriate and rigorous experience, instruction will be provided in an alternating work/feedback format. On Gold Days, all staff will create and upload new instruction/curriculum by 8:10am. Students will have these days to access the curriculum and complete the assigned tasks.  Maroon Days will be designated as feedback, correction, and planning days. Staff will use these days to review student work, answer common questions that the students may have asked, manage attendance, and communicate with families.  

    Gold Days: New Content/Assignment Days: 

    Videos should be prepared by 8:10am on Gold Days (see Distant Learning Schedule that was emailed to you on March 20th) so that students and families will have ample time to complete the expected tasks.  Maroon Days (See Distant Learning Schedule that was emailed to you on March 20th) will be designated student work due date days. All assignments from the previous Gold Day will be due at 12:00pm on the Maroon Day.  Teachers on the Maroon Day will be: answering common questions, managing attendance and communicating with families. 

    Maroon Days: Student Work Due/ Staff Communications day

    Students will submit work online through Schoology.  Online work should be submitted by noon on the following day.  For example, any work assigned on Gold Day #1 should be completed by 12:00pm on Maroon Day #1.  The staff will be completing the following tasks on these days: 

    • Sending reminders to classes for what is due and how it fits in your sequence of lessons. 
    • Individual feedback on assignments when applicable. 
    • Clarify any questions that students may have asked. 
    • A preview of what may be coming the next lesson or day. 
    • Teachers will also be: analyzing, correcting, and planning for the next lesson.
    • Taking attendance, based on the completion of work on the following day.  

     If students do not submit work by these deadlines, they will be considered absent and will be coded as “unexcused” in our student information system (Infinite Campus).

     Teacher availability for parents/students:

    Staff will be available for parents and students from 7:40 a.m. to 3:40 a.m. to answer any questions that may arise.  Schoology and email will be our tool for parent contacts.

    Expectations of Parents and Recommendations for Success:

    We recognize the unique nature of this model and understand the challenges that it can place on busy families.  With that said, this creates an opportunity to build independence and responsibility. Some general guidelines to ensure a successful experience are as follows:

    • Set clear expectations--this is school for the foreseeable future
    • Make it a habit and ensure that a routine is built
    • Establish a consistent work space
    • Clarify and set deadlines and due dates
    • Ensure proper access to and function of technology
    • Inspect and verify that work is complete and done in a quality manner