Springfield High School-- Distance Learning Expectations

  • Springfield High School 

    Expectations for Teachers, Students & Parents 

    Distance Learning 

    2020-21 School Year

    Online learning is just as intensive as learning face to face, and time to do the work needs to be scheduled and planned for, just as if one were attending face to face classes. Teachers will be clear as to how much effort and time will be required for their class on a daily basis. 

    Teacher Responsibilities for Distance learning

    • If a teacher has a student(s) absent from their class period (daily absence, extended absence or distant learner), the teacher will record their lesson using the platform Google Meet. Teachers that teach the same section will only be required to record one of the sections. All recordings will be uploaded into the Schoology class folder by 3:40pm on the same day.
    • Teachers will take attendance at the beginning of each hour in Infinite Campus. In your attendance in Infinite Campus, students will show up on two different lists within your section-- In-person learning and distance learning. For attendance purposes, students that have elected distant learning must be present on the Google Meet presentation specific for each class period. 
    • Teachers will use their classroom specific Google Meet Code for their classroom. For each teacher, their Google Meet code will be their first initial/last name.  For example, Mr. Bertram’s classroom Google Meet Code is: TBertram. Mrs. Bertram’s Google Meet Code is: SBertram.
    • Resources (handouts) need to be accessible to the students that are in-person learning and distant learning.  All handouts should be uploaded into your class Schoology folder before the class starts. 
    • Teachers will provide clear log in expectations for Google Meet to all students.  

    Student Responsibilities for Online Learning

    • Students will need to be self-motivated and if questions arise while in distance learning, it will be the responsibility of the students to contact their teacher. 
    • Students should be prepared each day as if they were participating in school. 
    • Students will follow the hourly class schedule while distance learning(See below).
    • While participating in the class on Google Meet, students will have their microphone muted and will utilize the chat function to ask questions and make a comment for the class. 
    • Students should remain in the Google Meet session until the teacher dismisses you from the class. 
    • Students will be expected to be prepared for each class period by having all materials ready to be used. Example: iPad charged, additional worksheets provided by the teacher easily accessible. 
    • Students should have a common place in the house to complete work: Kitchen table, desk, office if available.
    • Student dress should be school appropriate. If you are wearing inappropriate clothing, the teacher will remove you from the Google Meet presentation and you will be contacted by the High School Administration. 
    • During the Google Meet class period- Students will keep their video function turned on so that the teacher can see the student. 
    • All assignments will be due at the same time for distant learners as they are for in-person learners. 
    • If technology issues occur, students must immediately contact Roseanne Kaseforth roseanne.kaseforth@springfield.mntm.org or Elizabeth Madsen elizabeth.madsen@springfield.mntm.org

    Parent Responsibilities for Online Learning

    • If your child will be absent from distant learning (illness, appointment, vacation), parents must still contact the HS office at (507)723-4288 to report the absence.
    • By electing distance learning, you are responsible for providing a strong internet connection. 
    • Parents will help provide support to their distant learning child.  The school day should be free from all other duties that will hinder their ability to connect with their teachers on an hourly basis and complete all class work. 
    • If technology issues occur, parents must immediately contact Roseanne Kaseforth roseanne.kaseforth@springfield.mntm.org or Elizabeth Madsen elizabeth.madsen@springfield.mntm.org
    • Help your child take responsibility for their learning. Many times students will look to the adults at home to help them overcome difficult materials. Your child needs to own their work; don’t complete assignments for them, even when they are struggling.  Instead try to help them problem-solve to move forward, or reach out to their teacher. Teachers and other staff want to support each student and will welcome questions and requests for help.