• Welcome to the Springfield 1:1 Learning Initiative site!
    This year, Springfield High School students in grades 9-12 are learning and exploring with their own school-issued iPads. This site provides information, updates, and tutorials to help Parents, Guardians, and Students with any questions they might have about the initiative. If you are not able to find your answers here, please contact one of the following Springfield High School staff members:
    Questions regarding iPad insurance or iPad policies: Pat Moriarty, High School Principal. pat.moriarty@springfield.mntm.org 
    iPad repairs, log-in issues, or Apple ID questions: Roseanne Kaseforth, Technology Department. roseanne.kaseforth@springfield.mntm.org.
    App downloading, tutorials, iPad use in the classroom: Elizabeth Madsen, Technology Integrationist. elizabeth.madsen@springfield.mntm.org
    You may call the Springfield High School Office at (507)723-4288 to speak directly with any of these staff members. 
    Springfield students learning and creating with the help of iPads.